Vocational / Career Assessments

If you are a parent looking for guidance for your child, or an adult looking for guidance in choosing a career where you will feel fulfilled and successful, a Vocational Assessment will be a good choice.

Vocational assessments help individuals from high school age into adulthood requiring guidance for academic (post-secondary school/training) or employment purposes. A recent psychoeducational assessment is required, which can be provided at the same time as the Vocational Assessment.

NEAC also offers Differential Aptitude Tests to identify candidates for hiring, training and careers, as well as the Interest Inventory to help clients find rich, fulfilling careers. Group tests for corporations can also be administered.

At NEAC we strive to provide comprehensive assessments at affordable rates with minimal wait times. Our skilled Psychologists and Psychometrists are able to perform assessments covering a broad set of academic, emotional, and social issues to help you and the ones that you love.


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