Psychoeducational Assessments

If you are the parent of a child who is struggling at school or not reaching their full potential; or if you are an adult requiring accommodations at college, university or in the workplace, our Psychoeducational Assessment will help determine the cause of these difficulties and will provide you with clear recommendations with how to proceed and succeed.

What is it?

The psychoeducational assessment determines a person’s cognitive ability, academic skills and, often related, socio-emotional functioning. This is the most sought-after assessment at our Centre, as it is required by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in order to define a learning disability or other psychological condition that is compromising a student’s academic progress. These assessments help identify learning style and provide insight to those working with an individual about his or her learning strengths and weaknesses.

How it can help:

The results of these assessments will help determine the services required to enhance learning during school hours. They become an essential part of developing an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for students or determining what accommodations may be sought in post-secondary educational institutions or the workplace.

How it works:

The psychoeducational assessment is comprised of a battery of tests, which include IQ, academic and memory tests. These tests assist with determining if individuals have a learning disability. Clinical interviews are conducted and comprise an integral part of the assessment. Additionally, questionnaires are completed to provide information about an individual’s functioning at home and at school.

At NEAC we strive to provide comprehensive assessments at affordable rates with minimal wait times. Our skilled Psychologists and Psychometrists are able to perform assessments covering a broad set of academic, emotional, and social issues to help you and the ones that you love.


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