If you are a youth, parent, or an adult looking for help to get through a difficult period we are here for you. Perhaps you received a recommendation from your family doctor, your child’s school, as a result of a recent assessment, or you have decided that it is time to speak with a professional. We are here to listen to your story and provide a safe space to explore strategies and provide guidance to help you address these delicate or troubling issues.

Individual Therapy

NEAC’s therapists utilize various techniques to help improve individual mental health and well-being. The main focus of individual therapy varies in accordance with the client’s personal needs. This form of therapy is offered to clients of all age groups (children, adolescents and adults).

Family Therapy

Family therapy concentrates on developing healthier family relationships. With the help of the therapist, family members improve their psychological health and find solutions to pending issues or conflicts. This form of therapy is offered to clients of all age groups (children, adolescents and adults).

Behaviour Management

Behaviour management consultation services assist in implementing strategies to modify one’s behaviour that may be impairing certain aspects of his or her life. This formof therapy is mainly accessed by parents to help them deal adaptively with their child’s behaviour.

Anger Management

Anger management counselling helps clients control their anger more effectively. Individuals learn to manage aggressive and maladaptive behaviour with the help of a therapist. This form of therapy is available to all age groups (children, adolescents and adults).


Anxiety Disorders

Our Psychologists help individuals manage anxiety by providing them with tools and coping skills. The techniques used by our team members depend on the type of anxiety disorder demonstrated by the client. Anxiety disorders include (but are not limited to):

● Childhood anxiety disorders
● Generalized anxiety disorder
● Separation anxiety
● Post-traumatic stress disorder
● Obsessive-compulsive disorder
● Panic disorder
● Chobias
● Social anxiety disorder

Our therapists can assist clients of all ages in the treatment of their anxiety disorder(s), including children, adolescents and adults.

NEAC is a professional team based practice where we address your concerns in a supportive environment. We are here to help. We have an experienced staff of Registered Psychologists, Social Workers, and Psychotherapists who are trained to provide counselling tailored to your needs. We aim to see clients within a few weeks.


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